Hi. My name is Alex Boenisch. I'm a graphic, web, and product designer working as the Creative Director for Relay. I help people and businesses develop unique brand identities, build amazing products, and bring ideas to life.

I'm in the process of adding more content every day, but if you'd like to see more you can shoot me an email.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with all sorts of great people and brands to bring some truly wonderful projects to life. Here's just a few.


Design is a lot more than making pretty pictures. It’s about communicating ideas, solving problems, and organizing information.


Brochure, book, poster, retail package, or any other matter of print good, every project is an opportunity to make something fresh and exciting.


Thoughtful, beautiful, interactive experiences developed with meticulous attention to technical perfection and semantics. Great websites start with great code.


People don’t just buy products, they buy brands. Coming up with a compelling visual identity is essential to communicating who you are and setting you apart from the pack.


Creating carefully curated content that calls to be consumed is a crucial characteristic. Clarity and comprehensibility are core to consistently clever copywriting.


I love making things that people love using. Creating a great user experience is about problem solving and developing something intuitive, innovative, and beautiful to boot.


Great ideas need to be nurtured with research, planning, and hands-on collaboration. Whatever your next big thing is, I want to help take it from napkin sketches to reality.