Screen printed poster for a Tarantino Film Festival using bold imagery and typography.

Hexagonal shaped knock-down packaging for a variety of pasta shapes and sizes.

Exhibit to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo by honoring its rich history.

Broad assortment of logos for a selection of various companies, individuals, and organizations.

The new website for a rapidly growing technology company based outside of Philadelphia.

2010 Annual Report for Polaris that pays homage to an amazing story about the founders.

Publication on how the history of typography paves the way for current trends and occurrences.

A three dimensional sculpture made entirely of paper, based upon a Roy Lichtenstein print.

Pair of conceptual posters for a ping pong tournament at a local event revolving around Scala.

Series of posters demonstrating each of the twelve core company values of Relay.

Branding and packaging system for a handful of products from Dad's Own Beverage Company.

Just a hobby of mine that I love that makes its way into my professional life time to time.